Founder & President / Managing Partner

At the age of 17, Mr. O’Brien started his first 8 years in business with a Fortune 500 company, Service Master (SVM), subsidiary where he worked in a business development, operations & management capacity. At 25, he elected to advance into a commercial consultative management position with Coverall North America (CNA), an international franchise operation, as a Marketing & Business Consultant where he remained for 3 years.

Then at 28 years old, and after 11 years spent in the Corporate America, he decided to exit the corporate environs and become an entrepreneur. He formed his first company, The O’Brien Group, LLC. The firm acquires real estate in the Boston market for long term investments and short term rehabilitations. A full-time expansion into the Costa Rican real estate market was initiated in 2007 and offices and residence are localized. Operations are focused in a land management, development marketing and project funding capacity from the private equity sector.

During his ventures in Central America he was introduced to the notion of biofuel through the vast palm oil industry. In 2008, Mr. O’Brien joined Tennessee Bioenergy and its holding firm, Consolidated Bioenergy as the Director of Trading & Logistics. After gaining this experience and educating himself from the ground up, he elected to acquire the biofuel commodity trading and logistics entity Universal Green Commodities to capitalize on the arbitrage opportunities in the market.

Now, 40 years old and 23 strong years in the international business community, Mr. O’Brien has built one of the very few remaining entrepreneurial success stories in the niche sphere of the United States bio/renewable diesel industry. Specializing in sourcing, managing and supplying low carbon intensity feedstocks with an international trading platform and the logistical depth to transport via any mode, any size liquid bulk commodity globally.

He is married and resides in Boston, MA. Interests include: World travel, cooking, cultural immersion, pyrotechnics, cycling, ethnic food, real estate investment and development, horticulture and meditation.