Why Choose Us


UGC has gained the trust and respect from some of the most prominent of entities in the agricultural, animal rendering, renewable feedstock and biodiesel industries both in the United States and abroad. From restaurant grease collectors to big oil, this vertical integration and diverse network offers proven solutions at all levels. We have “connected the dots” in a complex environment and by doing so offer you the piece of mind and proper consult to get you where you are going in the industry. UGC prides itself on being easy to work with. We do what we say we will do. We pay on time, all the time.

We understand what our client’s days entail and have streamlined our business practices to be able to make those days easier for them. Face it, inevitable obstacles are always going to surface from time to time and when they do, we find creative solutions with a focus on turning problems into opportunities. We have been active in this industry for as long as anyone and seen just about all things in this industry that can go bad, go bad. This unique experience has provided us an unrivalled understanding on how to work through these issues when they come about so you can get back to business as usual.

Having UGC by your side is like having a high profile industry expert on your team working for you. To hire and develop a staff that may or may not someday reach the level of expertise UGC can offer you, will require massive amounts of time and money. This time and money is better spent on maintaining, streamlining & enhancing the core operations of your business.