UGC Inc was founded by international entrepreneurs and financial experts from Wall Street in 2008 to capitalize on the growing demand for renewable fuels resulting from the obvious immediate need to protect our environment, provide national energy independence, counter surging energy prices and to produce a viable alternative to petroleum fuels.

While many of our competitors have fallen prey to past and current market turbulence, UGC has risen to meet these challenges by strategically positioning itself in the market at the right time. UGC’s financing is sound and independent of individual credit institutions. This flexibility affords us the freedom to make the necessary decisions in an ever-changing industry and drives continued success and growth. Our clients continue to appreciate our standing and reputation as a trusted partner.

The group comprises a network of highly experienced and qualified professionals who bring to each transaction, a passion for doing it right and the skills to get to the finish line on time. We have a long proven track record of delivering for our clients, strategic partners and investors both in the domestic and international marketplace.

We honor our commitments and obligations to those we conduct business with. Where opportunities arise, our goal is to exploit them with imagination and business discipline and share success with our clients, vendors and business allies. We seek to draw on the highest quality resources available when sourcing, procuring, refining, distributing and transporting of various biofuel commodities into the domestic marketplace.

An innovative first-rate company, UGC provides its clients a turnkey solution for their chosen commodity and other services targeted at heavy consumers of biodiesel and diesel fuels, traditional diesel and biodiesel fuel distributors, commercial heating oil blenders and distributors, multi-scale biodiesel producers, and entrepreneurs seeking either independence or opportunity in this unstable alternative fuel commodity trading world.