Client Benefits


UGC Inc. offers its chosen clients a seasoned and professional approach with its years of experience in the international business community. We have seen and been through just about any business scenario that may present itself. We will offer you the peace of mind that we are here to protect your assets and investments with sound judgment. In short, we have taken our lumps so you do not have to do so.

UGC is privileged to have a unique and well-versed executive management team. This affords us to have the confidence that every deal we engage in within this industry has passed through rigorous risk management and executive analysis prior to execution; thus mitigating UGC and its client’s exposure in this volatile and unstable environment.

UGC’s network of qualified industry professionals is robust. We have positions in every region of the domestic market. UGC is privy to much industry information and has ears on the ground from coast to coast. This affords us a great understanding of present and future market trends and factors, which will have a direct impact on your business and strategic decisions you will be forced to make. Having this vast network at your disposal through UGC will ensure that you are subject to the best possible trading scenarios and logistical feasibility for ease of transaction. This network will go to work for you making sure your commodity is seeing the best market value with the best long-term game plan for you to build your business upon hands down.

By commissioning UGC as your partner in the physical commodity trading world, you will be more productive on the things that are important in growing your business. We will literally put man-hours back into your day so you can concentrate on what’s important – servicing your customers and cultivating new business. In a business where every penny counts, UGC’s internal proprietary software tracking system will ensure every last drop of your commodity is accounted for and our prompt communication and payments will absolutely positively impact your bottom-line.

There are countless benefits that you will have access to when you commission UGC as your trading partner. We are here for the long term, here for you, and we look forward to a successful and fruitful future as partners in the industry!