Universal UAV specializes in aerial data collection. We offer imaging frequencies of daily, weekly, monthly or at the milestones of a project. We use these photos to create several products that support planning and the monitoring of progress at a construction site. When working along side a licensed professional land surveyor, our deliverables can range from up-to-date low altitude aerial site map in a .PDF format, to RTK centimeter-level precise 3D models delivered in various CAD formats.

Our software packages include 3D volumetric measuring, flood analysis, and digital elevation models that when verified by a licensed professional surveyor, can obtain center-meter level accuracy. The application of these features is widespread – e.g. these features can be used to monitor material stock piles and ensure replenishment occurs on a weekly basis or for new material placement planning.


  • Reduce costs – we can fly >100 Ha (1km2) in a day
  • Save time – large areas examined up to 50 times faster than ground-based land methods with multiple teams allowing rapid deployment
  • Improve safety – fly hazardous areas with minimal ground access and less time on site due to rapid data collection
  • Accurate information – Working along side a licensed professional surveyor, our drones are able to obtain  accurate topographic data, digital terrain modeling and volumetric analysis
  • Improve decision making – more detailed and near-real-time

***Universal UAV is not a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor. All accuracy claims must be verified under the supervision of a licensed professional land surveyor.