Director of Trading & Animal Nutritionist – Feed Ingredients

Mr. Wilder Guadalupe began his education in the animal industry at Agrarian National University in Lima, Peru where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences. After performing his thesis work “Evaluation of cassava meal as corn replacement in broiler diets” he received his Diploma as Animal Science Engineer focusing in Poultry and Pig Nutrition.

Over his 20+ year professional career in this industry, Mr. Guadalupe has had the opportunity to perform various positions in the pork and poultry industry assuming increasing responsibilities in vertically integrated companies and contributing decisively to the overall efficiency. While performing as Poultry Nutritionist, Wilder had the responsibility for the formulation of diets to provide the adequate nutrition desired and to oversee the productive performance of broilers, breeders, laying hens, turkeys and pigs.

His technical background and first-hand farms experience was complemented by obtaining his Master’s Degree in Agribusiness at Arizona State University where he graduated with honors and acquired a broader perspective and strength in his global business perspective of the feed ingredients industries for the animal production industry.

Through his career, Wilder has established a positive mindset enabling him to successfully perform and accomplish a variety of business activities within the animal nutrition and feed ingredients sectors.  His integrity, commitment, accountability, energy, passion, determination and resilience are traits that makes Wilder a valuable team member within the Universal Green Commodities organization and to its counter parties.

Wilder has strong technical sales and marketing experience of various feed ingredients both locally and internationally. Wilder has developed a vast network of trading partners during his 20+ year career in this space throughout the Americas. He has attended multiple specialization courses and has completed multiple business transactions within the industry in Israel, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, United States and many countries in South America. He is fluent in Spanish, English and advanced Portuguese.