Patrick Versluis

Operations & Logistics Manager | Rotterdam, Netherlands / EMEA

Mr. Versluis has over fifteen years’ experience in the operations and logistics industry at various levels. He began his education in Sports Management in 1996 which ended in 1998, during this period Mr. Versluis also played as a professional soccer player in The Netherlands. He started a Bachelor Marketing and Communication education in 1999 and received his Bachelor in 2002. After this period, he joined the Dutch Marine Corps as a Marine.

Over the last 12 years, Mr. Versluis worked for the World’s biggest and leading company in the express business (FedEx Express) as an operations manager in The Netherlands, where he specialized in the express business worldwide.

While searching for a better opportunity Mr. Versluis joined Universal Green Commodities as the Operations and Logistics Manager in 2016. This last year he used his expertise to support Universal Green Commodities daily business operations as one of the largest boutique trading and logistics companies in the biodiesel and biodiesel feedstock business.