Parm Grewal

Senior Vice President of Trading – East

Prior to joining UGC, Mr. Grewal was Principal of PSG Holdings Inc. aka Premier Supply Group; a physical commodities trading company based in Toronto, Canada for more than 12 years. He specialized in supplying raw materials and feedstocks to the Personal Care, Biofuels, and Oleo-Chemical industries with a focus on developing a closed loop circular commodities model. More specifically, Mr. Grewal traded and transported animal and vegetable fats, vegetable oils, used cooking oil/greases, glycerin and various “second generation” byproducts.

Mr. Grewal is the Senior Vice President of Trading for North America East and International Markets for UGC. He joined UGC in 2019 and has spent much of his time thus far, leading the expansion of UGC as a preferred commodities expert in select domestic and overseas markets.  Mr. Grewal is concentrated domestically on FOG, crude/refined glycerin and oleochemical raw and refined products. Internationally, he is focused on the EU renewable energy market and select Indian and Asian markets.  Mr. Grewal comes with over 15 years of experience in Business Transformation and a decade of experience in international trade within physical bulk liquid commodities.

Mr. Grewal lives in Oakville, Ontario with his wife and 2 kids. In his free time, Mr. Grewal enjoys traveling, mountain biking, golfing and appreciates off the beaten path food experiences.