Jeanna A TamasEA to President | Project Manager | Trade Analyst

Mrs. Tamas comes from over 15 years of Business Development d Project Management, specializing in identification of opportunity to implementation and execution of new business strategies. Mrs. Tamas holds a Bachler’s of Arts from Wellesley College where she studied Global Economics and Political Sciences.

Mrs. Tamas started her first Business while still in college and found profound fulfillment for doing the challenging work on how to create successful environments. Through years of trial and accomplishment, she has development proven strategic business strategies which assist employees and employers on how to sharpen natural skills. But more importantly how to identify issues at the earliest stage to implement a solution.

With working around the world in unique markets assisting to resolve and identify problematic issues Mrs. Tamas will utilize and expand her working knowledge to identify UGC New and current business opportunities. Mrs. Tamas will be an essential part of developing a closer relationship with our already vast associates to identify new opportunities within the market.