David Marlowe

Senior Vice President of Trading

Mr. Marlowe managed his first business at the age of 18 and continued on to a variety of complex management positions through the 90’s. The mid to late 90’s saw an explosion of high growth startup companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Mr. Marlowe’s startup experience peaked with Esurance, where Mr. Marlowe was part of the team that developed Esurance into the successful company it is today with over $1 billion in revenue.

In 2006 Mr. Marlowe started his first company Pacific Alternative Energy Resource, LLC (PAER).  Mr. Marlowe was able to quickly develop an export centric business focused on biodiesel with customers in nine countries.  PAER then switch focus to developing US based customers with an emphasis on FOG, glycerin and agriculture products and has since traded across the US & Canada, delivering hundreds of millions of pounds of product to a diverse customer base.

Having recently joined UGC Inc., Mr. Marlowe is excited for the opportunity to dramatically expand UGC’s diverse services into Western North America with a focus on biodiesel feedstocks, biofuel byproducts, FOG and fatty acids. Mr. Marlowe also looks forward to further expanding UGC’s trading business between Western US and East/Southeast Asia.

Mr. Marlowe is based in Reno Nevada and spends considerable time in California. Straddling the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with Lake Tahoe in the middle, Mr. Marlowe enjoys a variety of all-season outdoor activities. Additional hobbies are Koi ponds and enjoying outstanding California wines.