Refined Used Cooking Oil Purchasing & Management

UGC has positioned itself in the market to be a top rated purchasing, financing marketing and management agent for the domestic used cooking oil collection industry. UGC has developed multiple strategies, proprietary software and partnerships to offer and ensure that a collector-renderer is benefiting from the best market value available while greatly minimizing their risks of this industry through our vertically integrated practices and strategic relationships. UGC has helped many used cooking oil collection entities through the years by offering value-added services to help them to compete and grow in this volatile and ever changing industry.

When commissioning UGC as the purchasing and management agent for your supply you will immediately be able to redeploy your time to the things that matter most to your business – servicing your customers, developing your employees and gaining more accounts. By entrusting us to handle the reporting, marketing, selling, & transporting of your product, you will reach your goals faster. You will have a firm of integrity and efficiency by your side. Having UGC in your corner is like having a high profile industry expert on your team working for you ensuring every pound of your commodity is seeing the best possible market value while offering minimum risk transactions and strategic hedging options.

Raw Used Cooking Oil Purchasing & Processing

UGC takes tremendous pride in its seasoned approach to consolidating waste materials and reprocessing them into domestic biofuels. UGC works with collectors of used cooking oil from restaurants and other food manufacturing companies of all sizes from around the country. Whether your company is collecting a tanker truckload per month or per hour, UGC has the financing, resources & execution capability to purchase your product and get it directly into the domestic biofuel market.

We understand vividly what you and your employees go through daily out in the field. Protecting your business from theft and all that goes along with that, gaining new accounts and servicing your customer base so someone else doesn’t. This needs to be your daily priority. By partnering with UGC, we will give you that time you need to do this effectively by offering you the much needed man hours in your day you would otherwise be spending on the tedious research, networking, sales and logistics process. We are a strong, well-financed buyer and advisor and will always offer fair market value for your hard earned product.

Vegetable Oil Distillates, Process By-Products & Off Specification Off take Contracts

If your company is a producer of various vegetable oil based products and you generate a “waste stream” or by-product that is not pertinent to your products and business, UGC wants to work with you to remove and/or purchase these by-products. UGC has developed numerous applications within the biofuel and energy sectors for such products and depending on the compounds and specifications of these materials, we will be able to offer you competitive prices and pick up the volumes directly at your facility and get it into the domestic biofuels market.

UGC is a member of the American Fats & Oils Association and trades in accordance with its rules and regulations.