Business Manager | Market Analyst | Soybean Oil & Biodiesel Trading

Mr. Katane, is a graduate of Kedge Business School in 2002, with a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking, and ESCP Europe, with a master’s degree in finance. From the onset, he has worked in the investment banking industry as a foreign exchange and commodity trader at Commercial Bank of Morocco.

Mr. Katane then moved to the commodities world within Haris Financial consulting firm, helping North African customers active in grains and oilseeds (Distributors, Millers, Oilseeds Crushers, Vegoil Refiners and Animal Feeds) to design tailor-made strategies to hedge FX and commodity exposure. He accepted the role of Purchasing Manager for one of his customers, Lesieur-Cristal, one of the biggest vegoil refiner and bottler in North Africa with 20,000 MT monthly capacity.

In 2012, he joined Archer Daniel Midlands as a Vegoil Trade Manager in Rolle, Switzerland. He was responsible for the EU soybean oil market, and crude and refined vegetable oils exports into the MENA region, mainly into Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and South Africa.

Mr. Katane, is a graduate of Hult International Business School in 2016, with a master’s degree in business administration.