Biodiesel Feedstock Procurement & Supply

UGC works with biodiesel plants around the country of various sizes for their renewable feedstock needs. From the largest BQ 9000 facilities to the mom and pops we are able to furnish the quantities, qualities and specifications that your plant’s daily operations require. UGC is a domestic driven and biodiesel specific company. We started in this industry as a biodiesel producer so we have an intimate and comprehensive understanding what your days at the plant are like. We want every biodiesel plant in this country to be successful and we want to be part of that success.

Offering your plant quality feedstock solutions is what we are all about. UGC specializes in providing feedstocks that are derived from renewable resources such used cooking oil, yellow grease, poultry fats and distiller’s corn oil. We can certify that our feedstock will meet the definition of “renewable biomass” stated in CFR Title 40, Part 80, Subpart M, § 80.1401 where applicable. You can trust in us that every pound of product delivered will be guaranteed to be what is agreed upon and in contract.